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Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin

Rosin modified phenolic resin is mainly used for offset printing ink. SEIKO PMC developed a rosin modified phenolic resin that can be used for high-speed printing and low-grade paper in the market. These resins impart functionality such as setting speed, pigment dispersibility, and water resistance to web offset, sheet-fed offset, and newspaper inks.

Product list

Product name Acid value Melting point (℃) Viscosity (dPas)*1 Heptane tolerance (ml/g)**2 Characteristics
OR-357 20 MAX 165-175 350-450 15-20 Water resistance,
Low misting
OR-490 21 MAX 151-157 225-275 13-17 Water resistance,
Low misting
OR-534 20 MAX 155-165 30-70 10-14 Quickly drying,
Water resistance
OR-190 20 MAX 145-155 120-220 33-38 Water resistance,
High gloss
OR-581 32 MAX 140-160 140-210 17-24 Water resistance,
Solvent solubility

*1 Varnish for measurement resin: linseed-oil=35:65
Measured by a vertical falling ball method (25℃)
*2 Solution for measurement resin: toluene=33.3:66.7
Measured by heptane titration

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