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Moisture-Proof Coating Agents

Moisture-proof coating agents are a water-based emulsion designed to impart superior moisture resistance and glossy surface for coated film.

Moisture-Proof Coating Agents XP8812


  • Improve moisture and water resistance.
  • Higher water repellency.
  • Coated film is a high-gloss surface.
  • Anti-blocking and anti-fouling.

Product properties

Items Properties
Total solid (%) 41±2
Viscosity (mPas・s, 25℃) 100~900
pH 9±1
Ionicty Anion
Appearance Lacteous emulsion

Application example (Moisture-resistance of kraft paper coated with XP8812)

Non Coated / XP8812 coated
Coating conditions Base paper Kraft paper (180g/m2)
Coating method Bar coater
Drying condition 100℃×2min
Evaluation of the moisture permeability Test method 40℃×90%RH×24hrs (Based on JIS Z0208)

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