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Retention Aids / Coagulants / Fixing Agents

Retention Aids

Retention aids improve drainage and increase retention of fine particles. They function as both productivity aids and product improvement since they increase speed and increase fines retention. They improve the clarity of the waste water and greatly reduce the negative environmental impact of water reuse.

Retention Aids RD Series


They improve the retention.

  • Improve retention of the fiber, fine, and filler in wide pH range(from acidic paper to alkaline paper).
  • Improve runnability and productivity by enhancing drainage in the forming section.


Coagulants are used to control anionic trash in the paper mill, to reduce and control deposits derived from adhesives and other contaminants contained in recycled pulp. This increases the productivity of the paper machine.

Coagulants AC Series


  • They coagulate the anionic materials found in recycled papers and help retain them without flocculation of themselves in the paper.

Fixing Agents

Fixing agents are used to improve retention of internal sizing agents and to enhance sizing degree. They also reduce machine deposits caused from internal sizing agent.

Fixing Agents FX Series


  • They improve the retention of AKD / ASA rosin sizing agents. This may allow lower dosage of size to be used.
  • AKD size develops sizing too slowly in some uses and these resins can increase the rate and the degree of AKD sizing.

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