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Printability Aids / Inkjet Water Resistance Aids

Printability Aids

Printability aids provide water resistance, ink receptivity and improved printability to coated paper. These aids are used to make coating woodfree paper and bleached paperboard.

Printability Aids PA series


  • These aids provide printability of coated paper.
  • These aids are marked “Dot” to configure the printed image clear.
  • These aids enhance the water resistance and air permeability of coated paper.

Example of using PA aids (Print of enlarged view using microscope)

No PA Aids

No PA aids

With PA Aids

With PA aids

Inkjet Water Resistance Aids

Inkjet water resistance aids are used to increase the water resistance of inkjet printing paper and keep the ink from bleeding when the sheets are still wet. The aids are used in paper for digital inkjet printing.

Inkjet Water Resistance Aids DK Series


  • Improve water resistance of printed inkjet images.
  • High quality images with no bleeding or beading.
  • Enhance the optical density and improve ink-set.

Example of using DK aids (Water resistance of inkjet ink when the printing paper is soaked in water.)

DK no coated

DK no coated

DK coated

DK coated

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