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Dry (Internal) Strength Agents

Dry (internal) strength agents are multifunctional chemicals which are widely used both to enhance paper / paperboard strength such as bursting, compressing, tensile, and internal bond strength etc. and to improve drainage and retention of fiber, fines and filler.
We have many dry (internal) strength agents that can provide the papermaker a product to meet a wide variety of needs for improved dry strength.

Copolymer Polyacrylamide (PAM) DS Series


  • It enhances paper / paperboard strength in wide pH range and various paper grades.
  • Possible to design copolymer according to requirement of paper quality.
  • Improve retention and drainage.

Hoffman Type PAM DH Series


  • It enhances ply bond strength / compressing strength.
  • Especially, effective for alum free condition of papermaking.
  • Effective at higher dosage in combination with DS series.

Anionic PAM DA Series


  • Effective in acidic pH range.
  • Effective at higher dosage in combination with DS series.

Starch Grafted PAM DG Series


  • They combine good features of starch and copolymer PAM.
  • They can improve formation, provide improved softness and allow for easier recycling of the end product after use.

Cationic Solution Starch DD Series


  • Easy to use low viscosity and liquid material.
  • Reduces pitch and stickies deposits.
  • Easy to rework both within the process and after end use.

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