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New Mid-Term Management Plan “CS VISION-II” (FY2016~FY2018)

     Construct a robust domestic business platform resistant to changes in the business environment and, building on this platform as our foundation for growth, become a corporate group that achieves sustained growth with the diversification of business through new business launches and global business expansion centered on Asia.

     We are a company that boldly undertakes innovation and, to achieve sustained growth, have launched the three-year Mid-Term Management Plan "CS VISION-II". The final year of the plan will be fiscal 2018, which will also mark the 50th year since our founding.


CS: Our desire to provide customers with a variety of Chemical Solutions that contribute to affluent lifestyles and the global environment, to build up Customer Satisfaction, and to strengthen our corporate platform through our contributions to customers and to society, thereby enhancing our Corporate Sustainability.

Outline of “CS VISION-II”

(1) Strengthening of Our Domestic Business Platform

  1. Paper Making Chemical Business
    We will expand our market presence by providing customers with differentiated solutions and introducing new, high-performance products.
  2. Resin Business
    We will revise our product portfolio and improve our production efficiency to improve our profitability.
  3. Fine Chemicals Business
    We will establish a business platform through the provision of functionally monomers and oligomers, based on the concepts of "adhere" and "mix".

(2) Acceleration of Overseas Business Expansion

  1. Paper Making Chemical Business
    We will make maximal use of our existing manufacturing facilities by enhancement of our product portfolio, etc.
  2. Resin Business
    We will capture the growing need in the Chinese market for water-based printing inks.
  3. We will strengthen our training and hiring of overseas human resources.

(3) Creating Business from Development Project Themes

We will create paths to new business from development projects that we have been working on since the previous Mid-Term Management Plan, including cellulose nanofiber and silver nanowire.

(4) Exploration and Creation of New Business to Expand Our Business Domains

We will search for opportunities to enter new business domains that make use of our Group's strengths (technology, customer base, financial base, etc.), and will incorporate these into our business.

(5) Use of External Resources

In order to execute strategies (1) through (4) above, we will actively seek M&A and business and capital partnerships with other companies, as ways of bringing external management resources and business infrastructure into our Group.

(6) Nurturing a Corporate Culture of Self-Transformation, Challenge, and Growth

  1. Taking changes in the business environment as opportunities for self-transformation and growth, we will aim to become a corporate group that brims with the spirit of challenge and where initiatives in line with the above strategies are proactively launched and carried out.
  2. An integral part of this corporate culture that undertakes challenges will be moving forward with diversity and encouraging activity by women and foreign employees.

Numerical Goals of “CS VISION-II” (Consolidated basis)

Index Item FY2015
(For ref.)
Business Objective Sales (Yen mil.) 24,569 27,200
Operating profit (Yen mil.) 1,318 2,200
Operating profit margin 5.4% 8.0% or more
Reference Index Overseas Business Sales Ratio 14.9% 21.2%
ROE 5.4% 7.7%

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