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Facilitate Development of Leading-Edge Products through Proactive and Close Communication with Customers

     SEIKO PMC always has close communication with customers to develop products tailored to their specific needs of functions and features, in the areas such as printing ink and recording materials, with quick turnaround time.

Development of environmental friendly resin products that are used for flexo and gravure ink

     There is increasing demand for eco-sensitive chemical agents for printing ink and recording materials, which leads to active research on solvent reduction and / or removal. SEIKO PMC meets customer needs by providing many-eco-friendly products, including resins for water-based inks.

New resins for the next generation of laser beam printers and copiers

     The latest cutting edge technologies are being applied to develop information appliances such as laser beam printers and copiers. SEIKO PMC is continuously working to develop new products that meet the changing technology needs of our customers.

Development Chinese markets for water-based ink resins

     The Chinese market requires a high level of environment compliance to government standards. As a result, there is increasing demand for water-based ink resins, which SEIKO PMC meets with on site production/sales.

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