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Paper Making Chemical Business

Promote the Development of New Chemical Systems to Respond to “Improved Quality and Productivity of Paper.”

     SEIKO PMC is developing and providing chemical systems that contribute to the improved quality and productivity in the paper industry by leveraging its skill and expertise in the area of paper chemistry.

Development of chemical systems for alkaline conversion

     SEIKO PMC will contribute to the increasing use of recycled paper by converting the pH level during the paperboard-making process from acidic to alkaline. This conversion also improves the environmental problems by decreasing emissions wastewater and improving productivity at the same time.

Development of a chemical system for lighter-weight paperboard

     By constructing a chemical system for lighter-weight paperboard base paper, we will contribute to reducing environmental burdens through lighter and thinner packaging and containers, while preserving strength in lighter cardboard boxes.

Development of chemical systems to cope with improved quality and lightening of printing paper and newsprint paper

     SEIKO PMC is responding to the need for increased opacity and productivity of printing paper and newsprint paper, which are required as paper quality and lightening needs are constantly increasing.

Development of products for growing markets such as bulky paper and high quality tissue paper

     SEIKO PMC will contribute to improving the performance for specialty grades, such as bulky aid for printing papers and PPC paper, high quality tissue, and toilet paper.

Expansion of our business regions from the Chinese market outward into Asia

     One of our corporate strategies is the expansion of our business regions. Toward that goal, in 2006 we began operating SEIKO PMC (ZHANGJIAGANG) CORPORATION as our production facility for papermaking chemicals, and established Seiko PMC (Shanghai) Commerce & Trading Corp. as our sales office, thereby steadily expanding our business in China, the world's largest market. In addition to the Chinese market, we have now begun sales efforts in the Asian region, with a focus on Southeast Asia, as we aim to further expand the regions where we do business.

To provide solutions for wastewater treatment, SEIKO PMC formed an alliance with a leading international company for microbial products

     SEIKO PMC signed an exclusive sales agreement with the Novozymes Biological Japan, which is the Japanese subsidiary of Novozymes Biologicals, a world leader in microbial products, and is promoting Bioaugmentation*, a method of treating wastewater using microbial products. This is one of the company’s new business operations that address the social need to be “environment conscious”, which is a pressing issue.

* Bioaugmentation (A technology to clarify the environment with the use of functional microbes)

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