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Creating New Corporate Value Through Eco-friendly Technology

Satoshi TakizawaRepresentative Director & President

Pursuing Technology That Contributes to the Future

In 2018 SEIKO PMC CORPORATION marked its 50th anniversary. Over the years, in our mainstay Paper-making Chemical, Resin, and Fine Chemicals businesses, our technology, sales, and production arms have worked together to respond to customer issues and needs. These customers look for a broad range of capabilities from our products depending on their applications whether in paper, ink, toner, or adhesive agents. We hope to contribute to a more abundant future by employing our technology to respond to these individual expectations and to continue contributing to society by developing new technology unique to our abilities. With that in mind, we have taken the opportunity of this 50th anniversary to revamp our corporate mission.

The new mission places special emphasis on technology and the environment. In the course of formulating it, we asked our employees for their thoughts and received many ideas in response centered on such keywords as “technology,” “environment,” and the “future.” Each year we also hear from an increasing number of customers asking us to offer technology and products that are friendly to society, the environment, and to the future of the Earth, and we give careful thought to how we can address these wishes. Needless to say, being kind to the environment is a valuable part of how we do business. Beyond that, we believe our path lies in offering new functions and services utilizing technology that actually enhances the environment. The mission expresses our role and direction as a company that continues to maintain sustainable growth, and we hope that each of our employees will keep it in mind, using it as a guideline for their actions as businesspeople.

Enhancing Corporate Value Through New Lines of Business

As a B to B company, our products do not reach consumers directly. However, by leveraging our core emulsion, dispersion, and synthesis technologies, we provide materials that are essential to the manufacture of end products in the paper, ink, adhesive, and other industries. All our work is based on the question of how best to respond to customer expectations and what kind of added value we can offer in the process. We hope to deliver cutting-edge technology that is unique to SEIKO PMC to the world.

Going forward, we will continue to invest resources in R&D in accordance with our existing policies and to participate proactively in collaborative projects between industry and academia, as well as in conferences and other events both in Japan and overseas. As we work to create new value around environment-friendly technology, we also hope to enhance our capabilities as a Group by nurturing a corporate culture in which every individual finds their work rewarding. In addition to pursuing eco-friendly technology, such as cellulose nanofiber, we have also worked to acquire new lines of business by bringing KJ Chemicals into the Group and through our investment in Total Acrylic Polymer Industry Corporation of Taiwan. We believe that these and other steps anticipating growth over the next 50 or 100 years will enable us to contribute to the global environment. We will continue these efforts as a company in which every individual employee takes the new mission to heart and can march forward with integrity, determination, and satisfaction.

Corporate Mission
Through the creation of new technology, we will contribute to the sustainable development of a prosperous society in which people coexist with the environment.
Corporate Vision

"Explore the Future through Eco-Friendly Technology"

  1. offer high-performance specialty chemicals to contribute to a sustainable society;
  2. contribute to the development of eco-friendly materials;
  3. contribute to resource conservation and the recycling of natural resources.
    As they are transformed into printed materials, cardboard, and other consumer goods, our products support contemporary life. Our corporate vision seeks to realize the sustainable development of a prosperous society by developing new and environment-friendly materials.
Action Guidelines
The SEIKO PMC Group will:
  • create new value and respond to the needs of the market and our customers;
  • as a good corporate citizen, be mindful of the environment, safety, and resource conservation and contribute to improving the global environment;
  • as a global company, comply with the laws of each country in which we do business and engage in fair business;
  • provide our stakeholders with timely, pertinent, fair disclosure of information;
respect the individuality and human rights of our employees, creating a positive, open, and vibrant corporate culture.
Business Themes Suitable for a Good Corporate Citizen

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