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Apr. 2003 Merger between two companies with Japan PMC Corporation as surviving company, having a paid-in capital of 2,000 million yen. SEIKO POLYMER CORPORATION was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary through a spin-off of the resin division of Seiko Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2003 Opened Representative office in Shanghai, China.
Apr. 2005 Established SEIKO PMC (ZHANGJIAGANG) CORPORATION, wholly-owned subsidiary manufacturing paper chemicals in Jiangsu, China.
Mar. 2006 Established SEIKO PMC (Shanghai) Commerce & Trading Corp. in Shanghai, China.
Oct. 2006 Took over SEIKO POLYMER CORPORATION, a consolidated subsidiary.
Feb. 2010 Iwai laboratory was constructed.
Jan. 2012 Stock listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Apr.2014 Acquired a 90% interest in the KJ CHEMICALS CORPORATION, which assumed the fine chemicals business of KOHJIN Film & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Jul.2014 The Silver nanowire manufacturing facility was constructed in Chiba plant.
Oct.2014 Pilot plant of Cellulose Nanofiber was constructed in Ryugasaki plant.
Jan.2016 Acquired the remaining 10% of KJ CHEMICALS CORPORATION stock, making it a 100% owned subsidiary.
Jan.2018 Acquired 52.2% of Total Acrylic Polymer Industry Corporation stock, making it subsidiary.
  Japan PMC Corporation Seiko Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1951   Established in Kobe, Hyogo Pref.
Jul. 1951   Akashi plant started operation.
Apr. 1953   Start of production and sale of sizing agents.
Feb. 1954   Head Office moved to Akashi plant.
May 1962   Start of production and sales of resins for printing ink.
Apr. 1965   Start of production and sales of strength resins for papermaking.
Jan. 1968 DIC-Hercules was formed as a joint venture between Dainippon Ink & Chemicals, Inc. (“DIC”) and Hercules Inc.  
Mar. 1968 Start of sales of wet strength agents.  
Sep. 1969 Chiba plant started operation.  
Oct. 1969 Start of production of wet strength agents.  
Oct. 1970 Start of production and sales of neutral sizing agents.  
Mar. 1972 Start of sales of rosin emulsion sizes.  
Jun. 1975   Start of production and sales of resins for recording materials.
Mar. 1978   Harima plant started operation.
May 1979 Start of production of rosin emulsion sizes.  
Mar. 1985 Ichihara laboratory was constructed.  
Feb. 1988   Ryugasaki plant started operation.
Nov. 1988 Mizushima plant started operation.  
Sep. 1992 Dainippon Ink & Chemicals, Inc. (“DIC”) purchased Hercules’ entire stake in DIC-Hercules.  
Oct. 1992 DIC-Hercules was renamed Japan PMC Corporation.  
Aug. 1994   Head Office and Laboratory(currently Akashi lab) was constructed.
Dec. 1996 Stocks listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  
Feb. 1997   Stocks listed on the OTC market (currently JASDAQ).
Dec. 1998   Iwai plant started operation.
Jun. 1999 Chiba laboratory was constructed.  
Apr. 2001   Consolidated Chemical Product Div. of Misawa Chemical Co., Ltd. acquiring. Shizuoka plant as well as other plants.

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